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   Greg speaks on. . .

- The difference between being good and being the best in the world. . .

lessons Greg learned from world-class athletes, CEOs, and world leaders

- Why good project management is crucial for business success. . .

keys to successful project management,

and how to save a project that's failing

- How to use the power of diversity to create a competitive advantage,

and why companies miss opportunities if they lack diversity

- Why everyone in a company must understand corporate finance and drive sales

- How to keep a positive mental attitude while dealing with adversity
- How to move beyond the fear of failure, and recovering from failure

- Why some employees fight change, and how to fix this

Greg's Lessons

Everyone makes mistakes, and Greg has made many. By maintaining a positive mental attitude, each mistake taught Greg important life and business lessons. Greg uses these lessons to help people and organizations win!


Do you want to win? Every champion needs a coach! Find out what numerous champions already know about Greg Collier's presentations!

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Want a powerful speaker who can captivate an audience? Secure Greg Collier to speak at your next event. Greg is a perfect fit for educational programs and conferences, as well as business and association keynote presentations. Greg's strategies help people and organizations win!

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Winning Despite Adversity   


Diversity is an Asset   Ethics    Project Management
CEOs & Business Leaders Entrepreneurship  Innovation & Creativity
- Initiate, plan, execute, control, and close. . .

managing tough projects in extraordinary times

- Your greatest asset and why you have unlimited potential
- Attitudes and money
- Fear & thinking for yourself
- Youth empowerment
- Derivatives as portfolio insurance (not financial weapons of mass destruction)
- Why customer service is broken & how to fix it
- Competing in a global environment
- Expensive gym shoes and ghetto economics
- Lessons from The Janitor's Sons:
A True Story of Hope, Shattered Dreams, and Winning Despite Adversity © 2012


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