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Greg's Message     

I’ve always had a passion for finance; it drives me to constantly improve all aspects of my life. A strong knowledge of finance will help you write your achievement narrative. Take time to study finance and control your destiny. There’s no such thing as standing still: you’re either progressing or regressing. If you need or desire help, I suggest finding a fee only financial advisor. Combine the use of referrals and independent analysis to choose an advisor—don’t take a marketing pitch at face value.

When I told someone I was starting an advisory firm, I was warned that “It’s very competitive.” I thought to myself, Well, so is professional hot dog eating. Have you ever seen Nathan’s famous Hot Dog Eating Contest? Anything worth doing is competitive. Education is essential to building and maintaining a competitive edge.

Gregory Collier

Greg's Keys to Success 

1.       Keep God first.

2.       Give back to your community by helping others.

3.       Always have a plan — start with a personal achievement plan.

4.       Acquire as much knowledge as you can on all subjects, and never stop learning.  This will separate you from the pretenders there are a lot of pretenders out there.

5.       Manage your finances meticulously.

6.       Network and build alliances. Some people will avoid you, some will work against you. Stay positive, in the future your detractors will watch as outsiders, as you stand the winner's circle with your allies.

7.       Hustle! There's no such thing as standing still, you're either progressing or regressing.

8.       Don't worry about your competition, make them worry about you. Don't worry about what others are saying about you, what they’re doing, or their level of success. Don't worry at all. Trepidation is a roadblock to success.

9.       Follow your dreams, don't listen to unconstructive criticism, don't live within parameters of mediocrity defined by others, and success will stare you right in the face: go grab it.

Gregory Collier

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